MINUTES: Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE: September 21, 2018

TIME AND PLACE: 1:10 p.m., Multipurpose Room, College Avenue Student Center, College Avenue Campus

MEMBERS PRESENT: Acosta, Ahmed, Alexander-Floyd, Alizadeh, Ardeshna, Atkins, Aubert, Avallone, Awan, Balaguru, Barbarese, Barchi, Bekdash, Bhuyan, Boikess, Bora, Borisovets, Brewster-Bauzyk, Bridgeman, Bugel, Butler, Chunn, Cole, Cotter, Craig, Cummings J., Cummings M., D’Anna, Dasari, DeFabiis, Denham-Barrett, Dettloff, DiLalo, Dowlin, Dreyer,  Ebert, Emmons, Everett, Fagan, Fellenz, Field, Fratzola, Gillett, Giraud, Goldfarb, Gonzalez, Goodman, Gould, Gower, Graber, Guo, Gursoy, Han, Hanna, Hartman, Hunter, Jarrin, Joergensen, Junboonta, Kabia, Kaminskas, Kane C., Kane E., Kelly, Kettle, Kurtas, Kustka, Langer, Langsam, LaPointe, Lee, Lewis, Lindboe, Little, LoGrippo, Lombardi, Lutz, Maglione-Rico, Mahajan-Cusack, Mammis, Mancini, Mansukhani, Marchetta, Markert, Marsic, Masiello, Matto, Mazurek, Mckeever, Mena-Segovia, Miller, Murphy B., Murphy K., Nickitas, Norris, Norville, O’Connor, Oleske, Oliver, O’Neill, Pandey, Pappas, Parrish, Parsa, Paskhover, Patel B., Patel M., Patel S., Patton, Perez, Pichugin, Pinto-Figueroa, Piotrowski, Ponzio, Powell, Pradhan, Puar, Puhak, Rabinowitz, Ravichandran, Raza, Rivera, Saltzman, Sanchez, Serrano, Sesti, Shah A., Shah C., Shapses, Shinbrot, Silver, Soto, Steinberg, Szatrowski, Tharney, Thompson K., Thompson B., Thuravil, Tracey, Trees, Van Stine, Wilde, Williams, Yang, Zhang, Ziessler.

EXCUSED: Carson, Dane, Esposito, Estriplet, Gross, Honeycutt, Johnson, Lema, Maloney, Owens, Rajan, Rosen, Schneider, Schwarts, Sen, Tsakalakos, Vidal

ABSENT: Alidou, Artun, Barone, Brundon, Bubb, Butterfield, Cahill, Cantor, Carty, Carvajal, Chinn, Collins, Conway, Covington, DeFilippis, Eastman, Eaton, Einstein, Farmbry, Farris, Feldman, Filippelli, Gabriel, Ganesh, Ghesani, Greenberg, Haddon, Halkitis, Hatefi, Heckscher, Holzemer, Iannini, Kutor, Lei Lei, Lindenmeyer, Lopez, Lugg, Mahon, March, Menifield, Malloy, O’Brassill, Pagan, Pardlo, Patel A., Porumbescu, Potter C., Potter J., Rothplets-Puglia, Schiavo, Sheridan, Song, Spiegel, Stauffer, Strom, Takhistov, White.
ATTENDANCE SUMMARY: Faculty: Of 107 total: 65 present (61%), 20 excused (18%), 22 absent (20%); Students: Of 32 total: 24 present (75%), 3 excused (9%), 5 absent (16%); Administrators: Of 39 total: 3 present (8%), 2 excused (5%), 35 absent (90%); Staff: Of 19 total: 17 present (90%), 1 excused (5%), 1 absent (5%); Alumni: Of 6 total: 6 present (100%), 0 excused (0%), 0 absent (0%)
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Senate Chair Peter Gillett called the meeting to order at 1:15 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room of the College Avenue Student Center, College Avenue Campus, New Brunswick. He welcomed all present to the first Senate meeting of the 2018-2019 academic year, especially those present for the first time. He thanked all Senators for their service to shared governance at Rutgers, and noted that the highlight of the meeting would be President Barchi's administrative report. Gillett then introduced himself, Senate Vice Chair and Parliamentarian Jon Oliver, Senate Executive Secretary Mary Mickelsen, and Senate Administrative Assistant Morgan Nemes. He then spoke about his role as Chair, the roles of the Senate Executive Committee and standing committees, as well as the University Commencement Panel and Chancellors' Commencement Committees. He briefly reviewed the procedures on how Senators and guests are to speak during meetings and that shouting from seats is not allowed. Gillett also explained how senators are asked to propose charges to the Executive Committee and reminded all in attendance that he is committed to starting Senate meetings on time, exactly 1:10 p.m.

REPORT OF THE SECRETARY - Mary Mickelsen, Executive Secretary 

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT - Robert L. Barchi, University President

Gillett summarized the format and time limits for President Barchi's administrative report. University President Robert Barchi presented an administrative report, summarizing a full-text version which has been posted online here. Gillett then expounded on the format and process for the question-and-answer period. President Barchi then responded to questions from his report and other Rutgers-community issues such as:

ELECTION OF RBHS STUDENT MEMBER OF THE SENATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - Because no eligible candidates for RBHS student member of the Senate Executive Committee were nominated during the April 2018 election, an election to fill that position was conducted at this meeting. Mickelsen conducted the election. There was one (1) nominee - Marc Henry Estriplet, NJMS (S). Senator Estriplet was elected by acclamation.


INTRODUCTION OF STANDING COMMITTEES AND THEIR CHAIRS - Gillett introduced the standing committee chairs, who then spoke briefly about their committees' activities and plans.

University Structure and Governance Committee (USGC) Response to Charge S-1501: Eligibility, Nomination, and Election of Senate Leadership and Board Representatives - Jon Oliver, USGC Chair

Gillett noted that, in accordance with parliamentary procedure and established Senate practice regarding proposed changes to Senate bylaws, this item was docketed for introduction and discussion today, but would be voted on at the next Senate meeting. USGC Chair Jon Oliver presented and summarized the USGC's Response to Charge S-1501 on Eligibility, Nomination, and Election of Senate Leadership and Board Representatives. Oliver then read the related resolutions. The floor was opened to discussion, but there was none..

OLD BUSINESS: There was no old business.

NEW BUSINESS: There was no new business.

SENATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT - Senate Vice Chair Jon Oliver reported on the September 7, 2018 [link goes to draft meeting minutes] Senate Executive Committee meeting.

REPORTS OF REPRESENTATIVES TO BOARDS OF GOVERNORS AND TRUSTEES: Senator Samuel Rabinowitz, Faculty Representative to the Board of Governors, reported on the July 18, July 24, and September 12 Board of Governors meetings. The Board of Trustees had not met since the last senate meeting.

REPORTS OF CAMPUS FACULTY AND STUDENT LIAISONS: Camden Student Senator Michael Van Stine reported on recent plans and activities of Camden student governing associations. New Brunswick Student Senator Julie Serrano reported on recent plans and activities of New Brunswick student governing associations indicating RUSA's fall elections will take place the first week of October. Faculty Senator Sanjib Bhuyan, New Brunswick Faculty Council Chair, reported that the New Brunswick Faculty Council would meet the following week.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 3:42 p.m.